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Course on how to turn web-based services into Service Providers of Identity Federations

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About This Course

Course on how to transform your application into a federated service. The program for this course covers the installation and configuration (basic and advanced) of the Shibboleth SP.

The course will in clude hands-on exercises that allow participants to experience soon ease and speed of implementation of the SSO.

Course objectives

The course aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge for the development of applications providing control based single sign-on and federated paradigm.

The program will cover the installation and basic configuration and advanced Shibboleth SP. After that, hands-on exercises are provided to allow participants to experience quick and easy knowledge about hot to implement SSO.


The course is aimed at those interested in developing applications that provide access control with SAML.


For the exercises you need to have your own computer and you should be able to run a Linux virtual machine on VirtualBox or another hypervisor of your choice. Additional instructions that allow you to properly prepare your PC will be part of the course description on the course platform.

The virtual machine can be obtained from this link and must be imported and configured on your personal computer. After the import it is necessary to configure the two network interfaces for the VM:

  • The first network adapter as the "card only host" associated with a network with an active DHCP
  • The second network card as "NAT"

Then, in the hosts file of the physical machine you can configure names for the VM in this way: sp1.local sp2.local sp3.local

Where xxx is the first number of the IP released by the DHCP server.

To access the VM operating system, once you started the machine, you can user these credentials: testuser / password.

Course Staff

Andrea Biancini

Andrea Biancini

I developed my career working for companies in the Finance and Information Technology fields and I dealt with: IT project management, planning and governance on themes of management and control (budget/costs), project portfolio management. I am particularly oriented in favouring the adoption of structured and effective working methodologies. I am also naturally oriented at developing an organic and systemic vision upon processes, resource management and governance activities. I’m always been interested in the human dimension, I happened to organise formative events and courses leveraging a strong ability in relationship management and empathy. In order to develop my skills in this area, I am carrying on a second university graduation in psychology that is permitting me to develop knowledge in this area so that I can deal with such themes in a more professional and aware way.

Specialties: Planning & Governance, IT Project Management, IT Strategy & Governance, Training, Change management and cultural shift, Internal Communication, Selection

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, all the matherials for the course are available ton the Textbooks section! With the slides and presentations you will obtain all relevant information needed to learn the contents of this course.

Do I need to have any development background?

This course is intended to show how to configure an existing application to operate as an SP into a federation. No specific programming skill is required. Some example will guide the students into the basics about how to write an application to take advantage of federated identity. All examples, however, are very simple and well described, so it will be possible to go through them without any specific prior knowledge.

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    Apr 01, 2016